Welcome to The Gilkes Law Firm. This is a virtual law practice where you can receive legal assistance when and how it’s convenient for you. There are no stuffy law offices with high prices and inconvenient hours. We offer phone and video conferences to work around your schedule so you don’t miss time from work or with family. We offer a variety of services, many with a flat fee rate so you are never surprised with your bill.

Once you are signed up as a client, you will be invited to create a login on our secure client portal. Messages and documents can be exchanged between you and your attorney with bank-level security so your personal information is not compromised. Our virtual law practice is established with your convenience and security in mind.

How is all this possible? Three words – Limited Scope Representation. This is where you hire an attorney to perform specific duties to assist you in your legal matter. That may include document drafting, case review, or court coaching. You ultimately handle your own legal matter, but you do so with the proper documents and guidance to succeed. Many Texans use this option to receive valuable legal assistance that leads to a favorable outcome in their case. You can too. Call 817-789-8949 today to discuss how we can assist you.

Who I Am

Hello. My name is Nadia Gilkes. I am a proud graduate of Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, licensed to practice in the state of Texas and the Northern District of Texas.

I’ve always believed that everyone can do something to contribute to the betterment of their community. I have a passion for volunteer work and have displayed that for more than a decade. I was honored to receive the Pro Bono Award for performing the most pro bono hours in my graduating class. Since then I’ve continued my commitment to service by working with organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association and Toastmasters International.

Professionally, that same fire is ignited when it comes to helping my clients. I’ve seen families during the worst times of their lives. It’s important to me to provide counsel and guidance to those families so they can move past that bad moment and start a new, brighter chapter in their lives.

Personally, loyalty means a great deal to me. Even though I left my humble beginnings in Rochester, NY many years ago, I carry my love for the Buffalo Bills everywhere. In my spare time I try to catch as many Bills games as I can, including the 2015 London games that we lost. I’m a self-professed concert junkie and catch as many of those as I can also – P!nk, Celine, Billy Joel, and John Mayer to name a few. Traveling, quilting, and attending festivals are also high on my priority list.

Services Offered

The Gilkes Law Firm provides assistance in a variety of areas including family law, estate planning, and business law. Most of our services are offered at a flat rate so you can get trustworthy representation at a cost that’s gentle on your budget.

Family Law

Our premier service is offering guidance to couples filing for an uncontested divorce where the couple agrees to the terms of the divorce without the need for mediation or trial. We offer document drafting packages for uncontested divorces that include:

  • Original Petition For Divorce
  • Health Insurance Statement
  • Jurisdiction Form
  • Bureau of Vital Statistics Form
  • Waiver of Service
  • Decree of Divorce

Instructions are provided on where and how to file these documents. We also provide the testimony you will need to recite for your court hearing. Court coaching can be scheduled the week of your hearing to go over the procedure and what you can expect when you get to court.

We can also assist with child support establishment/modification, paternity suits, name changes, and prenuptial agreements.

Estate Planning

Everyone should have a will to ensure your legacy is preserved and your possessions will be divided as you wish upon your death. If you are looking to establish a new estate plan or revamp the one you already have, we can help. We offer convenient packages that include a will, powers of attorney, living will, and guardianship declaration. To execute your documents you have the option of following the instructions I provide, or having me attend via video conferencing to walk you through the steps.

Small Business Startups

If you are starting a new business, we would love to walk alongside you as you launch your new venture. Before you sign any contracts, please allow us to draft or review your documents to ensure the contract reflects the entire scope of your agreement. We can also discuss various business formation options and provide you with Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Employee Handbooks to get your business started on the right foot.


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